My petite pup

Petite Pup Paw & Spa

Petite Pup Paw & Spa

Petite  Pup Paw and Spa is a deluxe, state-of-the-art mobile pet grooming salon on wheels, providing a luxurious, personalized pet grooming experience for your cherished family pet.

MARKET: Spring Hill, Florida


CHALLENGE: The client needed a responsive website so that they could be wherever their customers are and they wanted an easy to maintain website


SOLUTION: We created the website on the popular CMS WordPress to ensure that management of content became hassle free and as a result the client was able to organize the content effectively and convey their message as desired to the target audience in a lucid manner. The cross device responsive solution provided by Dharne meant that users had access to the client website wherever they went and which ever device they felt comfortable to use. They were not hampered in the user experience across devices which lead to them patronizing the client website.

SERVICES PROVIDED: WordPress based Design, Self Managed Content, Social Media Integration, Responsive Design

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